Thoughts on languages:

So. I have learned Spanish and Hindi, enough to where I’m comfortable conversing… Here’s to tackling Mandarin and ASL this year.  Don’t know how I’m going to keep up with them all, but I spend enough time on facebook that I could certainly convert to study time.

Mandarin is killing me with the tonal bit, but, BONUS! it’s not gendered like Spanish and Hindi which is AWESOME and relaxing (as much as learning Mandarin could ever be relaxing..)

Hindi level on Rosetta Stone only goes up to 3 which means I might actually have to get motivated to make flashcards and study one of my two books for it.  I’m just. so. lazy.

The Hindi writing system is super easy to learn.   And there’s so many Indians in the world, I mean, why wouldn’t you learn it?  (Same with Mandarin except for the easy part).

Spanish is just wayyyy too easy, you hardly even have to learn it, it’s so similar to English. I swur.  10/10 would recommend.


Anyways, start playing some Gnash and let your youtube autoplay do the rest cause that ish is GOLD.  Also, I think…. good music for Fall, nuh?



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