I think I left the faucet running

I’m getting too freaking heated discussing religion lately.  Made my mom cry.  I need to just let it go maybe but the inconsistencies are tearing me aPART, Lisa.

Probably because I watched the movie Spotlight on the way back from Europe.

And reading all of Slacktivist‘s posts…

This one really hit me.  Gah I hate Moses.  For real, is he the patron saint of sex slavery, because if not he should be.

Last night we went out to Kitty Kat Club.  Weird place, I love it.  Murder shoes was playing.  Was so sleep deprived, just stood there with my eyes shut drinking in the music.

This song.  Is so much.  Sometimes music just hits me, got me like “WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS IT WHAT WHAT WHAT.”  Till someone lets me know.   It’s Kizomba.

EDIT:  The song in question is Dj Radikal’s remix of Soap by Melanie Martinez.  Looks like the link has since been broken.


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