Prague etc.

Sorry.  Have no computer so blogging will be sporadic.

Took a dancehall class.  That style is freaking fun.  Jamaican.  Just fun.  Um..

I don’t know why I think I should go to Salsa festivals in Europe.  The only people who are having fun dancing are pretty much all Latino anyways.   Sick of this professional attitude toward dancing, like it’s a mathematical equation to solve.  Actually, I’ve seen people having more fun doing math than Germans are having on the dancefloor.

Although I will say, Europeans are good at understanding that a dance is a dance and nothing else, not an OPPORTUNITY to try and get me to somewhere more private.  They just take it to the other extreme, and make it too boring and disconnected.

Just because I love dancing, just because the music hits me so hard my body spontaneously combusts…. doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you.  Oh well.  I have no problem rejecting men.   And it is sort of flattering I guess.  Nah. Not really.

La Macumba in Prague has some seriously good dancing.  Thursday nights are the best there I’m told.  Wednesday was at DCS or DUC whatever you wanna call it.   And I had some (2) private lessons from DanceDifferent who are AMAZING.

I was at Salsafestival Bodensee in Switzerland prior to Prague.. didn’t realize 90% of the classes would be taught in German.  That was…. hard.  Should stick to American festivals I guess.

Prague sells some ugly freakin puppets.

I can’t figure out how to work this Mac or I’d show you. Next time.


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