I can’t I can’t even lie


 I’m about to be that guy 

(With the creepy Prague puppets)

ESPECIALLY  that chef on the far left… we saw him being sold in quite a few different shops. I can’t imagine anyone deciding to buy him.

According to my blablacar  driver there are tours led by homeless people in which you can see how the dark side of Prague  works. I wanted to do one but I guess they’re all in Czech  which of course I don’t speak. If they even exist.

I’m in Berlin now. Danced with someone from Syria last night. At Clärchens  Balhaus if you want to know.  I made the stupid mistake of asking if there was a good salsa scene in Syria forgetting that that’s where all the refugees are coming from but actually he did say that you can go for salsa twice a week in Damascus and that sentence looks a bit too long but we’ll let it be.

 I know I complain about Euro  dance styles but it really is fun to see the dance scenes in other cities. I think I’m already bored of it in Minneapolis.  

I gotta private lesson tomorrow, should be good.



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