whoops forgot I had a blog there for a minute.

First: you need to hear this song.

NOW.  We have a friend from Delhi.  Her parents were all, “Yo, lets make you a matrimonial profile on this website, time for you to get murrrrrrr’d.”  (wasn’t actually there, I’m paraphrasing)

They were going up to Mumbai for the weekend and she goes “Heyyyy actually.. did you want to meet my boyfriend?”

Apparently her parents are really chill because they met her boyfriend and got her engaged to him (at least approved the engagement, don’t exactly know how it works).  Could have easily gone the other way (and has, in the case of two of our other friends, who are forbidden to see each other at all).   She’s happy.

What I’m getting at is I FINALLY get to go to an Indian wedding!  And I get to go to Mumbai with my gorgeous, perfect boyfriend, yay.

I have so many questions for people who get/got arranged marriages, but unfortunately they are on somewhat hm. DELICATE topics.

Most notably, does the sex ever get good? Can you manufacture attraction if it’s just… not there?  How do you justify staying with someone evil to keep your parents happy with you?

Chalk that up on the wall of things you can’t ask your Indian mother-in-law.

Oh and I’ll put up a video if I remember of a House Dance/Salsa fusion class I took today.  It’s! A! Thing!

I’m at the Saskatchewan Salsa and Bachata Congress in Saskatoon this weekend.  Lovely.


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