I love my best friend so much.  We’re walking across the street and see this douchey bro guy  yelling “SLUTS!” down at two women from the balcony.  Immediately Steve is like “YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”  And I start threatening to cut off parts of his anatomy (the balcony guy, obvi).   We just scream our faces off at them.  One of the women thanked us.

Very heartening.  Hopefully they won’t be so quick to behave that way in the future but I ain’t holding my  breath.

These kind of horrible men absolutely permeate the U of M area in Minneapolis, which is, regrettably, where I live (but only till August!)

Glad I have a feminist dude friend, I swurr it is so much more effective than just me yelling at dbags in a violent rage.

And violent rages are so much more fun when your friend is with you!


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