What to Expect as a Human Guinea Pig

Personal Update: Learning how to have the conversations that give me the anxious-shakes, like an airplane ride through turbulence, at least you get somewhere.

What I mean is I have an appointment with an immigration lawyer. Go time.

SpeaKING of anxious shakes, I am currently in a clinical trial. They’re testing fentanyl patches on us, with a side of naltrexone to take the edge off. Like when you drink milk because you can’t handle spicy food. Except usually no one pays you 2000 dollars to eat wings and drink milk.  5 days stay – in, then a couple days off, then 5 more days.  Finished the first half, and I get out Wednesday.  I flipping HATE the pharmaceutical industry but I gotta get that money.  Truly a sell out.


Uncomfortable beds.  Every six hours someone makes us come out to check our patches.


Eating in dentist chairs is very odd.


By the third or fourth day things started getting out of hand.  These words all made perfect sense to us.  (Anarved is the same as unafraid, etc.)  We very clearly needed to get out ASAP.


This was the outcome to speed.  Notice how we both had the same cards at the end.  My other friend and I played rock/paper/scissors over and over and we just kept tying.  This place is melding our brains together.


So much time.  Taking my Hindi to the next level.  Also brought 7 books which turned out to be too many.


Horror movie waiting to happen.

If you’re interested in these kinds of things you might try centerwatch.com  or if you’re in Fargo specifically we have algorithme pharma, novum, and axis clinicals that shouldn’t be too hard to find online.

These meds….when I’m trying to sleep I can just hear my heart pounding, most recently to this song:




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