Holla at me if you got latent emo tendencies

I was spitting nails before we fell into it, maybe I still am.  Have you ever seen someone die from a nail gun?  There isn’t anywhere horror movies won’t go but we both know
you don’t watch them so..

I have a past that still isn’t house trained, you dare to let him uncaged?

I have too many teeth for you.   Not like pearls still suckling on the oyster,
like whatever ends up killing you in your sleep,
like a gift from an enemy – the way he smiles when he rings the doorbell,
like waking up to discover all the trees are gone, the way the sun laughs at you then.

Just exactly like how angry God gets at you when you only pray to him during airplane turbulence, or when your aunt gets cancer.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.
no, these teeth are mine, all mine.  Unholy mess of chaos, it’s too much to ask you to stay for the ending.

Trapped in each others gravity, too selfish to let you go, too selfish by



Yo I don’t even care WHAT this is, I haven’t written anything in MONTHS. I mean anything from that deep subconscious everything-terrifies me realm. you know.


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