I was going to post some pictures from India, but they are either of the beach (Goa) or random things that aren’t picturesque.  The only sight-seeingish thing I did was go to Amritsar, Punjab.  The best thing I did while in India, because before this the only thing I knew about Sikhs was that they wear turbans. My Punjabi friend told me that the prime moral directive for Sikhs is to feed people. So if you ever stay with a family there you will be stuffed beyond belief. I had to start refusing every other meal because I was eating… I think 10 times a day.


These are from the Golden Temple (Gurdwara)..IMG_5350


People in line to see the Holy book…The Guru Granth Sahib… Technically (from what I understand) the book is worshiped as the final Guru.  I think.  There were ten Gurus before that.



Sikhs believe in a universal God, who is the same for every religion.


That silver caterpillar is a pile of plates. Gurdwaras feed everyone regardless of caste/sex/ whatever.  The Golden Temple serves food almost 24 hours a day, sometimes to as many as 100,000 people.  Everyone sits on the ground to show that everyone is equal.  Sikhs were big advocates of getting rid of the caste system.


People getting served from a huge vat of tea.  Oh you can’t wear shoes and you must keep your head covered.  Everyone who maintains and works at the temple does so on a volunteer basis. 


THAT TEA.  Best thing I’ve ever tasted. 

I didn’t want to be THAT GUY taking pictures like I’m at the freaking zoo, when this is a serious and solemn place. But I just tried to be surreptitious and respectful. I got pamphlets because the religion is just… more people should learn about it.

I hope I didn’t get any facts wrong, feel free to correct me.


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