bin puchhe mera naam awr pataaaaa

Disregard the title… Just a song I always have in my head from P.K.

So yeah.  India is better this time.  Turns out staying in the same house as my boyfriend and his parents is a major breach of decorum as we are not engaged currently.

Which would be fine but Indians have to do that social dance or risk scorn and gossip so his parents have STILL been lying to relatives about my relationship to their family. Awkward.  They do tell their close friends, but it’s out of the question when it comes to explaining it to the conservative family members (on both sides.)

I’ve been eating a lot of Boondi.  Gah I love boondi so much.  Taking lots of dance classes so thats good… At least my salsa is improving.

And next time I come I will be living separate from his parents, which suits me muchhhhh better.  I’ll finally learn how to use the Metro.  And I can COOK THINGS.  My future mother in law micro manages everything I try to do so I gave up on the kitchen sphere in this house.

Thank heavens they have UBER here now so at least  I can go to my dance classes when I need to.

Goa was nice.  There may be pictures later.  My boyfriend taught our friend a salsa basic. I was so proud.  Also we had to bribe some police so that was my first experience with that! Apparently pretty normal.

Planning a train trip to Amritsar to go see our friend (Boyfriend is busy with work anyways so it gives me something to do during the week).

I do get weak and dependent here.   I need to learn how to do things on my own. For me the worst case scenario is having to live in Delhi for more than two years. I could do two years. I mostly miss the freedom. I don’t even like Fargo very much. If I was to live in Delhi I’d need group classes so I could meet people, and to master the Metro so I could get around. Of course the freedom that would be heaped upon me if I didn’t stay with his parents would be immeasurable. Looking forward to that.

Being in an Interrracial relationship is so freaking complicated.  I don’t know all the nuances and expectations of the culture, I just forge ahead blindly knowing they will forgive me since white people aren’t expected to know these things.  What’s odd is the boyfriend didn’t know some of these things either.  He told me his parents would be offended if I didn’t stay with them, so I didn’t even bother to try to seek other housing.  Should have done. Oh well.  I think the concept of me out and about in Delhi terrifies him.  Well caged birds gotta fly.  What am I supposed to do.

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