Get at Me

How I do rewards:

  1.  When I’m planning on going on a trip, I find a rewards card with a huge sign on bonus using the Card Match tool (or Nerd Wallet which I actually use more often).  I pay for the trip with the card, and put ALL my day-to day purchases on it.
  2. Then I use my reward miles when I’m buying my next trip, making it free, or partially free.  (In this case, I’m using my miles I earned paying for my Euro trip to get me a free trip to Ecuador).
  3. I apply for the next card.
  4. I cancel my credit card when the no-fee year is up and I’ve spent all my reward miles (or call and see if they’ll waive the next year’s fee as well).
  5. Repeat!

If you’re gonna do this, write down your sign up date (I just call and ask to make sure), and how much you’re spending because you have to spend a certain amount in 90 days, 60 days, etc. to get the bonus.

Galantis – Runaway (U and I) Gioni Remix

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