2015’s Most Readable, or: Layover Tips

What to do when you have four hours to kill in an  airport?

I will tell you.

Go to the bookstore, buy a book from an author you ALWAYS enjoy NO MATTER WHAT.

In my case that’s usually Philip K. Dick (or at least in this case it was).

Then spend twenty minutes browsing the other shelves, writing down or photographing the titles you wish you could buy.

Wait about a month.

Buy them on amazon, used.

Or go to the library.

Ta daaaaa!

These are the ones I want:

I want to read this so hardcore.

A Kim Jong-Il Production – Paul Fischer

 Always a mind bender.  Murakami

 hmmmm Super Freakonomics and Proust….. I don’t need either of them, but I feel like I should… you know? No? Oh. Okay.

 I love this kind of thing.

I want to know Physics. So I can control people with my mind. (That’s how that works right?)

 Well… I had the first Dragon Tattoo book… didn’t finish it. But now I feel like I could take on the series.


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