accomplishments and bemoanments

This weekend I:

  • worked 8 hours
  • wrote 2 papers
  • wrote 3 poems
  • went to church (that’s where I wrote the poems so two birds/one stone I guess)
  • did my laundry
  • cooked a huge pot of soup
  • cleaned my room, took out garbage
  • blew off a few people who wanted to hang out with me
  • skyped with my boyfriend
  • browsed the internet again and again and again.
I look so much more productive on paper.  I feel like all I did was stare at my computer.    I need to not be addicted to the interwebs.  I need to hang out with people instead of canceling on them, Friday night I did nothing at all except skype with him. I’m becoming a boring person or sad maybe.  It’s a small sad though.  It pales in comparison to my dark times of the past, so I don’t really count it.

Nostalgia: I miss the beach.


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