Just got my first smartphone EVARRRR, a going away present from my boyfriend (it’s his old iphone).  I spend all day googling “best free apps”  and just generally wasting time under the pretense of “this will get my life organized.”

It’s pretty magical.  And time-consuming.

Here is something very disjointed, perhaps you will like it. (Not sure if I do yet, but feel the need to post something of substance.


I’ve been meaning to ask you
whatever happened to your
picture window heart?

such a bold move
everyone thought you were

all that glass

there are too many stone-throwers 
too many blunt objects

you were the bravest one
no bars, no gate

the fresh air always came in
through spiderweb cracks

you were the opposite of claustrophobic
the sky poured in and
you inhaled everything

chased bruises
caught them and wore them
as heavy clothing
that could get you through
the winter


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