Minor things keep annoying me… Maybe all this impending stress is getting to me.  Soon I will be moving out, which is even more stressful because I don’t know where I am going to put all my stuff when I am homeless (i.e. crashing on my brother’s sofa).

I will be traveling to Korea and Thailand, going out of the country for the first time alone, going on a plane alone for the first time, AND I can’t even relax in Thailand because I’ll have classes every weekday, all day.

This is what I need though.  I need to go somewhere, by myself, be thrust into something new.  I need to be anonymous.

I have an easy life, I just need to chill out and read books and deactivate my facebook account (in the midst of working crazy amounts to obtain travelgreen) Then I will be less :LSKJG:LKJGwOEGJ. you know.

p.s. travelgreen means money.


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