It’s hard for me to do someone a favor without feeling like they owe me something.  I’m always on some “What have you ever done for me?  What will you do for me in the future?” running through my head.  It’s sort of a bad mentality.  The people who do me favors All The Time never ask for anything in return.

If you knew Karma was fake, and what you did would never come back to haunt you or to help you, would the way you live change?

I hate to spend money, that’s the thing.  Time, you can take all you want.  I guess I get that from my father.  I remember begging him for money to go to the movies way back in the day… Getting a pack of gum for multiple birthdays in a row.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, and I am glad they raised me this way.

But I guard my money like a cat guards her offspring.

(Less hissing and spitting though.)

Love you all
pretty much,


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