APOLOGIES hashtag hashtag personal

I came home to find a blue screen of death on my computer, so I am in the process of putting all my files on my external drive.  I stumbled upon my old journal, from back in 2010 and couldn’t help but read through some of the entries.   It’s funny how I used to password protect anything.  Fast forward to now, where my writings reflect the fact that I really do not care who knows what about me.  Also, the poems I wrote back then were horrendously terrible.  but hilarious.

I really need to find my handwritten journals… They must be back in my hometown, in my old room. I think I started writing poetry in junior high, maybe freshman year of high school, I should check.

Excerpt!  This is from freshman year of college, the first time I ever went to the hub to dance:
“We were all dancing and getting super sweaty ( I shoulda worn flats instead of boots) and all of a sudden… ! Foam fell from the ceiling! Soap bubble foam with purple and pink and blue lights lighting it up! It was magical. And beautiful. I had this huge smile on my face and all we could do was throw our hands up in the air and look up and dance and dance and dance. It was like some fairy tale. Cinderella’s Ball or something.. gorgeous and magical and out of this world. I was so confident. That night was just awesome.  Argh. 🙂 and my brother came for a while, with Tyler and this 20 year old I never met before named Thomas who was SUPER hot I might add. But probably pretty unattainable.”


That night was happiness of the first order. Easily makes it into my top 7 nights of Freshman year. I feel sorry for people who don’t like to dance. They must lead very mundane lives.

I am happy I have the night I met Thomas documented, although he only makes a cameo appearance.  He is the man who raised my standards.  He is the reason I don’t settle for less.  Amazing human being.  And not just because he looks like Heath Ledger, although that doesn’t hurt.

okay. sorry this is so personal and obviously not relevant


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